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First Impressions count!

Web Design is exciting! Think of your favourite magazine advertisement and then imagine that you can:

  • Make it is a big as you want!
  • Add animation effects - moving cartoon images!
  • Add sounds!
  • Add photographs!
  • Even add video clips!

Using a whole host of effects you can make your multi-media website available to the world across the World Wide Web in Cyberspace.

Profiling your target visitors

  • Web page designs need to be devised so that  they are quick loading, interesting, attractive and are 'tuned' to your visitors.
    See: Dog Names
    org uk

  • They should be focused on your company, your service, your products and market differentiators.
    See: Dog Pictures example

  • Essential info first and then links to additional pages for more detail.
    See: William Shakespeare org uk

  • The site content needs to be clear, consistent and easy to navigate.
    See: Aesops Fables org uk 

  • The background ,text and images chosen to compliment each other.
    See: Famous Quotes me uk

  • Effects, such as those implemented with Java, should only be used from necessity to help the visitor, not just for effect!
    See: Periodic Table org uk

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