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Web Design UK by Siteseen.co.uk

Our Company Philosophy
We are a small, highly professional company, who specialise in critical site analysis and also the building and promotion of websites for small businesses, primarily in the UK. We work using some very basic principals our websites are always:


  • Found easily & quickly
  • Fast to access
  • Friendly
  • Focused
  • Fairly priced
  • Functional in all resolutions


We have found that many of our customers enjoy participating in the design of their websites but have found that it can be confusing due to the unfamiliar terminology and technical jargon often used:

"It's like learning a new language!"

To help eliminate this element of frustration, and enable our customers to share in the decision making process, we have included lots of useful information translating the language of the web!


The Website Turn-offs!

  • When it's boring

  • When it takes too long to load

  • When it's confusing to use

  • When it's cluttered

  • When it's badly designed!

  • When it's not compatible with both Netscape and Microsoft Browsers


Siteseen Ltd. know how to turn you and your customers on!


To view the list of sites already created by Siteseen Limited follow this Link!


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