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We hope that the content of the Siteseen website has provided you with an indication of the expertise within the Siteseen team. 

We do not arbitrarily display links to all of the sites we have built. 

We have found that our integrity is highly valued by our clients and our confidentiality is essential when conducting critical site analysis on behalf of those customers who require a site make-over.


We have gained permission to list the non-commercial educational sites below:

The Periodic Table

The Elizabethan Era

Christmas Carols

Dog Names and Breeds

The US Presedents

Nursery Rhymes - Lyrics and Origins!

William Shakespeare Biography

The Battle of Hastings - 1066

We will be more than happy to provide further examples of our work upon request - just drop us an e-mail detailing your category of business and we will send you a selection of URL's which we hope you will find both useful and relevant.


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